Applying Oil To Your Timber Deck

Maintaining and protecting your deck is the key to keeping it looking great and safeguarding your investment, without protection from weather your timber deck will deteriorate by fading, looking grey and eventually begin to split and crack. Oiling your deck is the best way to prevent such occurrences.


Your first step in your deck oiling process is to organise all required tools and products – here is a list of what you will need:

  • Decking Oil suitable to your timber type and environment ( Talk To Robert Bertuna our decking finish guru )
  • Decking Oil applicator (Wagner Deck Mate/Sikkens Ezee Deck Brush)
  • Painters Tape
  • Deck Rejuvenate/Cleaner ( Intergrain Reviva Clean & Repair )
  • Broom or access to a hose
  • Funnel
  • 2 Inch paint brush for cutting in
  • All these items are available at Paint Place Eltham


Like any project, preparation is the key to completing the job like a professional, if your deck is new, you must allow the decking timber to bleed it’s natural oils and tannins which can take around 4 weeks. For existing decks either sweep or hose your deck clean and clear of debris, pay some additional attention to between your decking boards, pet hair and other debris will build up here and attach itself to your applicator in the oiling process. After cleaning and allowing the deck to dry thoroughly, your next step is to apply painters tape to all area’s such as posts and where your deck may adjoin your exterior walls.


At this stage, it’s time to give your decking oil a good stir, making sure its mixed thoroughly. You will need your 2 Inch paint brush and begin cutting in around all your previously completed painters taped area’s. Once you have finished the cutting in process it’s now time to fill the reservoir on your Wagner Deck Mate with your decking oil, use a funnel to assist in this process, you could also attach a pouring spout to your decking oil if your not confident. Starting at the opposite end to your exit, adjust your applicator as to release an even film of decking oil and begin applying along the lengths of your decking boards, your timber will soak this first treatment quickly. ( The Decking oil should be even and without signs of flooding, excess oil or streaking ) The benefit of the Wagner Deck Mate is the application head has featured bristles for working your decking oil between your boards, saving you time – the Deck Mate’s applicator head has a clear mark to make lining this up a breeze. Once complete, allow your first coat of decking oil to dry – this will be dependent on the brand and type of decking oil you have used.

After the first coat is dry, you can now proceed with your second coat, depending on your deck size, you may need to top up your Deck Mate applicator before you start. Make sure you apply your decking oil evenly, there should not be signs of excess oil or streaks. On completion avoid using or walking on your newly oiled deck for the duration specified by your decking oil manufacturer, begin pouring left over decking oil from your Wagner Deck Mate back into your decking oil can and follow the clean up procedure recommended by your decking oil manufacturer and Wagner Deck Mate instructions.