What type of preparation is required before painting?
If your existing paintwork is in good condition, you can simply wash down all area's with a sugar soap and water solution to remove any particles, grime and residue. If your existing paint is in bad shape, pop in store and talk to one of our experts about what techniques and products are required.
How do I store left over paint?
To store left over paint, you must make sure the lip of the paint can which the lid embeds into is clean and free of paint, firmly replace the lid and you can rest assured the lid is secure and your paint will be ready for another date.
Where do I start when painting a room?
The best practice is to begin with your ceilings, then move onto your walls and trims before finishing of with the skirting.
How can I find out if my existing paint is water or oil based?
Get an old rag and dampen it with some methylated spirits, then begin rubbing the surface in one spot, the paint begins to comes off onto the rag if it is water based, if it does not then your paint is oil based.
How do I work out the area of a wall?
Measure the length of your wall by it's height, then multiply them and you have your total wall area. eg: 3 meters x 2.4 meters = 7.2m2
I have newly constructed plasterboard walls, where do i begin?
Go over your new plasterboard walls or ceilings with a damp cloth, this only needs to be slightly dampened. The purpose is to remove left over particles from the sanding process. Once clean, your next step is to prime the walls and allow to dry before applying your finish of choice.