Colour Consultancy

Tamara Essery is our lead colour consultant and has unmatched knowledge of interior design and 20 years of colour consultancy experience, Tamara's colour consultancy service is personalised and available at your home or business. Tamara realises that choosing the right colour or wallpaper that will work with your existing flooring and furnishings is a daunting task, and that's just one room, imagine an entire home or business make over! This is where her professional colour consultancy can really make your decorating project less stressful and more enjoyable. As part of the consultancy service Tamara not only listens, she helps you make the right choices for your new project, Tamara will also share her in depth knowledge of which paints, sheen levels or wall papers will work best for you. As a qualified interior designer, Tamara's consultancy doesn't end with paints and wallpaper, she is uniquely capable of assisting with flooring choices, such and tiles and carpets and also lighting. Colour consultants realise the stress doesn't end with your final selection or colours, your now faced with the task of finding a reputable licensed painter and we are more than happy to help here also!
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"Colour is the integral factor to achieving great design, from furniture, wallpapers,paints to knickknacks and other accessories. They all become a colour, regulating all aspects is the key to achieving harmony."
Tamara Essery
Tamara Essery
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